Site in search of disaster prevention goods It jumps to the text.

In this site, I prepare a lot of goods necessary for emergency.


Let's build the bright future looking for goods in this site.

When I forgot it, the disaster comes over

An earthquake disaster and a flood, the fire come over suddenly. Because I am the case of emergency, I want to prepare for the disaster prevention goods protecting oneself and a family, all of you of the neighborhood by all means.

I fix furniture in a furniture fall prevention item and will gather up emergency preservation food, preservation water, an emergency set in a non-common use carrying out bag to take at the time of refuge. When there are a mobile restroom and towel, a thermal insulation sheet, a solar light for emergencies, the battery charger, I help it. In addition, the disaster prevention goods check the contents once a year at least, and let's prepare an insufficient thing!

The everyday preparation and intention need the disaster prevention

●For the disasters such as an earthquake or the typhoon, will be usually careful about next.

○Holding of the family disaster prevention meeting

I will talk about where a family does a communication method when it was unlike a detached room, the meeting place at the time of a disaster in the whole family.

○Confirmation of a place of refuge, the evacuation route

Where is the local place of refuge where you live in?
Which way is an evacuation route?
I will really confirm it on foot.

○Preparations for emergency takeout product (bag)

I prepare to be able to take it anytime in emergency and I arrange it and will check it.

Disaster prevention information link of each metropolis and districts The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and a disaster prevention information dissemination center
Hokkaido Aomori Prefecture Iwate Prefecture Miyagi Prefecture
Akita Prefecture Yamagata Prefecture Fukushima Prefecture Ibaraki Prefecture
Tochigi Prefecture Gunma Prefecture Saitama Prefecture Chiba Prefecture
Tokyo Kanagawa Prefecture Niigata Prefecture Toyama Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture Fukui Prefecture Yamanashi Prefecture Nagano Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Mie Prefecture
Shiga Prefecture Kyoto Osaka Hyogo Prefecture
Nara Prefecture Wakayama Prefecture Tottori Prefecture Shimane Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture Yamaguchi Prefecture Tokushima Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture Ehime Prefecture Kohchi Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture
Saga Prefecture Nagasaki Prefecture Kumamoto Prefecture Ooita Prefecture
Miyazaki Prefecture Kagoshima Prefecture Okinawa Prefecture Meteorological Agency

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